I am Vincent Saphe

Your friendly narrator!

I have been pursuing the path of narration since 2022 after years of other endeavors. I have also taken up writing as a personal challenge to see what my mind and heart are capable of producing. This site is functionally my portfolio, and if you require my services you can email me at vincentsaphe@gmail.com.

I'm on audible! I am on Youtube!

What follows are works I have performed

My own writing!

Tale of the Red Naga by Vincent Saphe
This is the start of a work of fiction and a sample of my narration skill. When I have the time off in between narration work, I intend to finish this novel. This is a highly psychic magic sci-fi setting, with psionic integration into starships to the point where some ships have souls of their own.

Most Recent Release

Just out as of January 17th, 2024

Powerful Everyday Affirmations for Unlocking Infinite Wealth - by Alma Soriano
This is a series of personal affirmations to lead your mind towards wealth!

Novels! Fiction!

Gumshoe in the Dark by Rob Leininger.

This is a thriller detective novel with some risque content (but not too risque, Mortimer is a skittish one). Murders! Nevada! Excitement!

Krampusnacht: An Ed Landry Christmas and Other Stories by Jack LaFountain.

This is a short story collection which is mostly of the haunted variety, and some of the not-too-haunted variety. Christmas themed. Never thought I'd narrate Santa Claus offing someone. Oops, spoilers!

Bloodlines by Brian Seifrit

This is an Old Weird West kind of novel centered around a family trying to make their way to an estate somewhere in the Western USA in the 1800s. They are not very lucky and encounter some very difficult tribulations along the way, namely cannibals and demonic spirits.

Kovah: Soul Seeker, by C.J. Pinard

Vampires, succubi, and other monsters terrorize the night. Sometimes they're dangerously seductive and steal your soul, which is partly the fate of the protagonist of this novel. Vampire hunting for vengeance! Stake 'em, Kovah!

Not novels! Not fiction!

The Maverick Method by Matthew Swyers

This is a book primarily oriented around entrepreneurship. Filled with anecdotes from the author and interesting tips and tricks.

Mastering the LSAT by Steve Schwartz

This is a technically oriented text regarding the nature of the LSAT test and how to prepare for it effectively

A Comprehensive Prophet's Manual by Matthew Robert Payne

This is a manual oriented around learning how to develop the gift/skill of prophecy. Christian-oriented.

Basic Security Fundamentals by C.R. Jahn

Found yourself working as a security guard and in need of some tips on how to make it through? This is for you!

The Art of Self Inquiry: Questions Are the Answers by Axel Desarden
This is a work oriented around deep self reflection and asking questions. Will make you deeply consider your entire life.